2015 Portland Therapy Convention – Why Is This Important?


What happens in a therapy convention or conference? Take, for instance, the 2015 Portland Therapy Convention. The link is all about the Brief Therapy Conference, focusing on Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. It means that the convention will tackle anxiety, depression and trauma situations – how specialists will approach this kind of cases, and the development of psychotherapy in general.

Why Is This Important?

Mental health treatment, if there are issues that need to be managed or to coped with, is more open these days than ever before. There is still a stigma in some places, but generally, when a person has depression, anxiety or other issues, people would just say – Get help. Go to a therapist or a psychologist. In the earlier days, the common treatment was bashing – Oh, you’re crazy for being like that. Now, it’s different.

Effective and efficient ways on how to treat people with disorders are researched and studied by experts for knowledge, and eventually, for application and practice. Mental health is as important as physical health because if it’s not in tiptop shape, the person would not be able to function properly. Similar to someone who is not physically healthy, if you are not mentally “healthy,” it will be difficult for you to go on about your day with work and personal life.


How To Be Mentally Healthy

For some, it is easy to do, but there are others who struggle with this fact. If you are among those who have no problems coping when it comes to depression, anxiety or trauma, then, broaden your understanding of people with these issues.

Anyway, there are some ideas on how to be mentally healthy, as self-help:

  • Say something good about yourself every single day – think positive thoughts!
  • Write something that you are grateful for – it can be about your love life, your work, your family, your health; anything! Do this every day.
  • Focus on solving one thing at a time to have peace of mind.
  • Be active and exercise!
  • Eat a balanced meal.
  • Talk to a trusted friend.
  • Be nice and help somebody out who is in need.
  • Take a break when your mind and body says you need it.
  • Sleep and go to bed on time.

These tips are also discussed in therapy conventions. Use it for your benefit.