Sibling Rivalry – How To Handle Your Kids

Explain the Concept of Sibling Rivalry.

“I have to be better than Joey. He gets all the attention every single time. Mom only sees him and he is such a daddy’s boy. I hate him so much.”

“Penny is always the pretty one. Penny is the bright one, the good one, the kind one – Penny is everything! I heard mom praise Penny to her friends. Why can’t I be like Penny!?”…

Low Self Esteem Can Lead To Depression

Self Esteem Defined

Simply put, self-esteem is a how a person ‘esteems’ himself, or how he regards himself. It is something that each one of us should place importance on because little do we know that when we put ourselves down or think of ourselves as ‘not good enough,’ it has a tremendous impact on how we live and we are going to achieve our dreams in life – or if we are going to ever achieve them.…

Raising Children with Personality Disorders

Nothing hurts more to parents than knowing that their child is having a difficult time, especially if their kids suffer from mental issues. So, for parents raising children with personality disorders, it’s like a never-ending maze scavenging for possible ways to cope. You always ask yourself if you are raising your child right, or even whether or not the treatment you’re providing for them is enough. But, if disorders are left untreated, it will haunt children as they move on to adulthood.

Promising Therapies For Personality Disorders



A personality disorder is a mental health condition that is characterized by deep-rooted patterns of behavior that manifest during adolescence and persist into adulthood. The different behavioral patterns of individuals with PD are believed to be due to a family history of PD and traumatic events that have occurred during childhood, particularly physical and emotional abuse from others and from parents themselves. They have learned complicated personality disturbances that are difficult to treat.

Among the several types of personality disorders, the most problematic are those in Cluster B, namely: borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic. However, therapies utilized for these personality disorders have been continually polished and improved and have shown promising outcomes on controlling their symptoms. There are other types that are more treatable than others, but here we will discuss the most common and effective therapies that have been utilized for Cluster B personality disorders.…