The Benefits Of Writing A Journal


I have a confession to make: I am a notebook junkie. I basically buy any notebook that I like. No, I don’t have OCD problems. There are reasons why I buy notebooks. I make them my journals. I actually have several active journals right now – work journal for my career and office work, personal and family journal, prayer journal, dream journal, food journal, travel journal and so on…

Why journal?

Yes, I did ask myself that same question many years ago. Why would you spend some time in writing down things that already happened or collect bits and pieces of information and put them all in the pages of a notebook? As they say, you’ll never learn until you experienced it. So, this article will discuss the benefits of journaling as experienced by myself.

Stay organized

This is particularly true to my work journal planner. At the beginning of a work day or work week, I already make sure that I plan for the things that I would be doing. It’s a plan and there will be changes to that along the way for sure. Writing things to do and tasks to accomplish gives me a secured feeling that my day is organized. I know that I will be accomplishing certain tasks. That makes me feel productive. Now, don’t feel dismayed if the plan did not go well. You can reflect on this and use this to correct your steps next time.

Declutter your brain

Have you felt that your brain is full of things that you can’t pinpoint what is the most important thing to do first? I call it a cyclone. This is just my own term describing my brain whenever I felt that I have so much on my plate and can’t determine what to do next. Journaling can actually help you in this situation. Declutter your brain by writing down everything that comes into your mind. It does not need to be in a sentence or paragraph form. As long as you have the thought or concept written down, you can just put the details later. You’ll be surprised that you are able to handle a multitude of ideas. You will surely found a sense of lightening once you finished this task.



Improves thinking and focus

The moment you declutter your brain from the many things that bother you, you’re now able to identify the most urgent tasks. Make it as a priority and focus more on what’s important. Journaling improves thinking process, aids in decision making and helps in increasing your productivity.

Promotes creativity

I never imagined that I can draw doodles or write poems or limericks using my random thoughts. When I started journaling, I doodle and compose poems and limericks to burn time while waiting for my dentist appointment (or anything that entails waiting). Now, I have a notebook solely for this purpose. I’m surprised to see that I have drawn mandalas and zentangles as well.


Track your Life (and your writing)

I have been journaling when our first born child arrived. Sixteen years later, I have volumes of notebooks in my study that tells how my life was. Reading through the pages of my previous entries, it’s quite a revelation on how my life unfolded and transformed into what it is now. You will also discover how your writing improved as you go along the way.

How to start journaling?

Now, this can be a lengthy discussion. But, I’m going to share some very simple and important things. Start now and just start writing!

For more inspiration, you can check out Pinterest for different pins and boards that display all things related to journaling. There are also Facebook pages, Instagram photos that can provide you with some tips. Don’t hesitate to join messenger communities or chat rooms that talk about journaling. They can give you inspiration and trade stories about your journal experience.