Why Your Family’s Mental Health Matters

We live in the comfort of our homes with our family. They have always been there for us from as early as we were born. However, for some of us, this may not be the case. After all, a family is not limited to having a father or a mother. It is sometimes extended out to our relatives or to someone who has adopted us. Such a presence in our life can have lifelong effects in the future. Have you always wondered how your family’s mental health could affect you? Here are four ways how.…

2015 Portland Therapy Convention – Why Is This Important?

What happens in a therapy convention or conference? Take, for instance, the 2015 Portland Therapy Convention. The link is all about the Brief Therapy Conference, focusing on Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. It means that the convention will tackle anxiety, depression and trauma situations – how specialists will approach this kind of cases, and the development of psychotherapy in general.

Why Is This Important?

Mental health treatment, if there are issues that need to be managed or to coped with, is more open these days than ever before. There is still a stigma in some places, but generally, when a person has depression, anxiety or other issues, people would just say – Get help. Go to a therapist or a psychologist. In the earlier days, the common treatment was bashing – Oh, you’re crazy for being like that. Now, it’s different.

Effective and efficient ways on how to treat people with disorders are researched and studied by experts for knowledge, and eventually, for application and practice. Mental health is as important as physical health because if it’s not in tiptop shape, the person would not be able to function properly. Similar to someone who is not physically healthy, if you are not mentally “healthy,” it will be difficult for you to go on about your day with work and personal life.

How To Be Mentally Healthy

For some, it is easy to do, but there are others who struggle with this fact. If you are among those who have no problems coping when it comes to depression, anxiety or trauma, then, broaden your understanding of people with these issues.

Anyway, there are some ideas on how to be mentally healthy, as self-help:

  • Say something good about yourself every single day – think positive thoughts!
  • Write something that you are grateful for – it can be about your love life, your work, your family, your health; anything! Do this every day.
  • Focus on solving one thing at a time to have peace of mind.
  • Be active and exercise!
  • Eat a balanced meal.
  • Talk to a trusted friend.
  • Be nice and help somebody out who is in need.
  • Take a break when your mind and body says you need it.
  • Sleep and go to bed on time.

These tips are also discussed in therapy conventions. Use it for your benefit.…

Acceptance: Moving On From A Break Up Is The Only Way To Heal Yourself

We were supposed to be staying together, forever. That was the plan. Actually, it was our promise to each other. He was going to be faithful and loyal to me and me with him. Twenty years ago, we made that pact in front of our family, friends, and loved ones. God himself blessed this pact we made. We were wed, and it was the happiest day of my life. I didn’t know that it would change and or that he would break his promise.…

Finding Addiction Therapy


Drug addiction is a devastating problem that’s continuously increasing in all communities worldwide. It is used among people of all age groups which include teens, young adults and even seniors. Addiction is a complex issue that requires immediate treatment. Not only will it affect an addict’s physical and mental health, but it can also affect the people around them. Many already lost their careers and family members due to addiction. Addiction can also result in overdose and death. It is extremely dangerous. It’s advisable to find a rehabilitation center and get admitted immediately.


This a typical treatment process that is used in drug rehabs:

  • Detoxification: This helps with getting rid of all the harmful toxins that alcohol and substances contain. In some cases, the detoxification process can have severe symptoms. That is why it’s important to be under medical supervision when detoxing.
  • Therapy and counseling: The therapists at rehab centers will work with the patient and find the root problem of the addiction. They will also help the patient to resolve their issues.
  • Medication: The professionals at the centers will prescribe medications according to the patient’s needs. Some might require medication to control the withdrawal symptoms, whilst some might be suffering from other mental health issues.
  • Evaluation: Some patients might suffer from dual diagnosis. This condition is when people have a drug or alcohol problem in conjunction with a mental health illness.
  • After care: After a patient completes their rehab treatment, after care is required to prevent relapse.



How to Find the Right Rehabilitation Center:

Whether you’re seeking drug treatment for yourself or for a loved one, you will need to do the necessary research. Addiction treatment is not a one size fits all kind of process. Each and every individual requires different types of treatment and therapy. When you’re searching for a rehab, ask them if they design special packages for their patients to suit their needs. Most rehabs usually do this, but find out first.

Make a list of all the rehabs that are close to you. Get reviews about them online or by word of mouth. It’s also a great idea to visit these rehab centers. By doing this, you can determine whether the rehab would be a good fit for you. Rehabs also offer different activities that are therapeutic. You should also inquire about this. You will also need to ask about payment and payment methods.



The Difference Between Outpatient and Inpatient Programs:

You can choose between an outpatient program and an inpatient program. Although, an inpatient program is more suitable and highly recommended by professionals, especially for long term users.



Outpatient Rehab Center

This type of treatment program doesn’t require patients to sleep in at the center. They can go back home at the end of the day, after receiving their therapy. This is a more flexible option than inpatient treatment. The professionals will offer the necessary therapy treatment and also prescribe medications as required. The first week of an outpatient program is usually intensive. Thereafter, it becomes less intensive. Cognitive therapy is used in an outpatient program. They also motivate the patients to live a sober life.



Inpatient Rehab Center

Inpatient rehab programs offer a safe, drug-free and stable environment which is essential in the beginning of one’s journey to recovery. It can last anywhere between 28-90 days. This usually depends on the individual’s needs. They also offer a variety of other therapeutic activities such as hiking, art therapy, animal assisted therapy, yoga etc. Each rehab has a different set of activities to offer. The chances of relapse are also reduced with an inpatient program. Round the clock treatment is also offered at inpatient rehab centers.…

Middle Child Syndrome

Some people say that a middle child is always the attention seeker, the complainer, the troublemaker and everything else. Well, for the information of everyone, Middle Child Syndrome is real and true. It is a condition being experienced by the middle child. A research done by experts in Stanford University showed that a middle child has difficulty “finding” himself within the family. They easily get envious, they’re not that brave or confident, and “middles” are not very sociable.…

Sibling Rivalry – How To Handle Your Kids

Explain the Concept of Sibling Rivalry.

“I have to be better than Joey. He gets all the attention every single time. Mom only sees him and he is such a daddy’s boy. I hate him so much.”

“Penny is always the pretty one. Penny is the bright one, the good one, the kind one – Penny is everything! I heard mom praise Penny to her friends. Why can’t I be like Penny!?”…

Raising Children with Personality Disorders

Nothing hurts more to parents than knowing that their child is having a difficult time, especially if their kids suffer from mental issues. So, for parents raising children with personality disorders, it’s like a never-ending maze scavenging for possible ways to cope. You always ask yourself if you are raising your child right, or even whether or not the treatment you’re providing for them is enough. But, if disorders are left untreated, it will haunt children as they move on to adulthood.