What Is Psychotherapy?


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Psychotherapy is a common therapy treatment that is used in today’s time to treat various mental health conditions. It’s also trusted and used by many mental health professionals. The psychotherapy treatment process usually goes on for under a year, depending on the needs of the patient. Most psychotherapy sessions are typically around 1 hour and take place once a week.…

What Is A Bipolar Disorder And How To Find Treatment And Therapy


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Bipolar disorders are more common than most people think. Bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6% of the U.S. population of age 18 and older every year. Bipolar has affected both males and females equally across all nations, races, economic classes, and ethnic groups. Bipolar is a lifelong mental illness. It consists of episodes of mania and depression. The causes of bipolar disorders are unknown. However, it appears to be hereditary. Bipolar is often misdiagnosed and overlooked, which worsens the condition.…

Mental Health Professionals: There’s A Right One For You

You know you need mental help. Your friends tell you to go see a therapist or counselor. But, you are now having a hard time on where to go or who to consult. You opened your laptop and made a search on the types of mental health professionals that can help you with your mental health issue. It came as a surprise that there were so many in the health care practice that describes mental health professionals. So, where will this lead you?

It is true. With all the specializations that one can get in medical science, there are now several counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals to choose from. For example, there are treatment centers specializing on just providing help for alcohol addiction. But, it’s not really up to you to choose. Your doctor will refer you to the right person that can help you with your current issues.…


Reaching Out for Help

When you feel sad, alone, or unlike yourself, what do you do? For some, they think there is no help out there and believing sticking their heads in the sand will be far more effective. However, you can only bury your head for so long and sooner or later there will come a time when you need a little help. Don’t like the idea of reaching out for help? You are certainly not alone because there are millions who feel asking for help is a sign of weakness and that people will think they’re crazy. That truly is not the case; asking for help can be a good and very positive first step.…


Learning to Trust Your Therapist

Seeing a therapist can be very good for bringing positive mental health and keeping your mind in good order. Unfortunately, while therapists can do a lot of good, there are many who remain a bit wary of them. It’s quite understandable to be uncomfortable of your therapist as they are new and in truth, you don’t always trust those within this business. People have a certain perception of therapists and counselors and sometimes it’s easier to not trust them than it is to do so. However, if you like your therapist and want to continue you need to be able to learn to trust your therapist but how is that possible?…

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Finding a Good Psychiatrist

Do you like the idea of visiting a psychiatrist? To be honest, you probably are already disliking the notion and it’s not hard to see why. When you visit one of these head doctors, you can feel as though they are judging you and that they won’t be able to help you. What’s more, you probably think they’re going to label you crazy! Those are common feelings but, in all honesty, that is not what they do. Psychiatrists help you come to terms with your mental state and help you find the real answers behind your problems and how you feel. Finding a good psychiatrist can be vastly important and not as difficult as you might think.…

Bipolar And Depressed: Can Life Ever Be Normal?


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How It Is To Be Bipolar

No one is spared from the ups and downs of life. We all get depressed and anxious and manage our feelings in our own different ways. But however angered we are, no one can top the tantrums that people with bipolar disorder manifest. Their ups and downs are extremely severe compared to ours, and theirs may last even for weeks.…

Middle Child Syndrome

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Some people say that a middle child is always the attention seeker, the complainer, the troublemaker and everything else. Well, for the information of everyone, Middle Child Syndrome is real and true. It is a condition being experienced by the middle child. A research done by experts in Stanford University showed that a middle child has difficulty “finding” himself within the family. They easily get envious, they’re not that brave or confident, and “middles” are not very sociable.…

Natural Ways To Beat Depression

Depression can make a person feel helpless sometimes. But it should not be the case. Always remember that you can do something about your condition. You can fight back. Medications and treatments play a significant role in your battle with depression. But there are also natural ways to help you overcome depression. They may not quick fix but in the long term, they are worth a try.

Below is the list of natural ways to help you conquer your depression and the best time to start following these tips is….now!

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Confessions Of A Working Mom

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Confessions Of A Working Mom (Therapy Makes Me Strong)

I believe that the Almighty created women to be the stronger sex. It’s not about the bicep muscles and the towering height in men that makes them powerful. Physical attributes – in this case, body strength – is not all that. I am a living proof that moms like me are more resilient, more powerful and indeed, much stronger. You know why? Because we are MOMS and MOMS not only work 8 hours a day. We take care of our kids (I have 5), tend the house and look “attractive and sexy” for our husbands, on top of working 8 hours on a serious career. I say, no man could surpass that and I’ll explain why.…