Startling Confessions Millennials Reveal During Therapy


One of the most significant predicaments that millennials have to face on a daily basis is the concept balancing what’s real and what’s expected of them.


Millennials have a ton of discussions going inside their heads regarding serving a higher purpose with their existence. And coping with their daily struggles make them question their value and capacity. Growing up, millennials were wired to follow a straight path – followed their dreams and stick with their plans. If they keep on aiming for what they want, they will end up victorious.



These ideations and expectations coming from their parents are, somehow, already distorted by the fact that the world has changed quite a lot since they were in charge. Millennials are aware that this is no longer the case; that their reality is no longer their parent’s realities. And it confuses them to the point of breaking down.


Unsurprisingly, to cope up with these expectations, millennials have found ways to self-care and self-improvement; one of which is therapy.


What are some astonishing revelations that millennials have told their therapists?


  1. ‘No’ is not an option.

Parents tend to become overenthusiastic with how their children should run their lives. This type of phenomenon is currently known as helicopter parents. Due to this kind of upbringing and mentality at home, kids have difficulty turning down a suggestion or an idea initiated by their parents. Furthermore, being unable to attain that point of success their optimistic grown-ups have assured, can cause immense disappointment and deplorable loss of self-esteem and self-worth.


  1. Decision-making is not my strongest suit.

Parents who keep meddling in the affairs of their children may find that one of the drawbacks of this is, as adults, their children would be having difficulties making decisions on their own. Even if they went to one of the Ivy League universities, made it top of their class, and landed their dream jobs, millennials would still have this feeling of uncertainty with the decisions they’re making. This will be reflected in other various ways like considering a career change, taking chances on relationships, moving to a new location, and all those other options that may arise.


  1. Anxiety is a bummer.

More than the numerous factors affecting their lives, millennials also have to battle it out with crippling blows of anxiety constantly. Typically, it gets in the process of becoming a more active and productive member of the society. Being abreast and overexposed to what is currently happening all around the world in every minute of the day is partly responsible for the millennials incapability of shutting their thoughts down.


  1. Earning money is not a walk-in-the-park.

Just because millennials seem to live fancy, it doesn’t mean that they are considering themselves financially secured. Struggles with financial instability coupled with incapacitating debt have caused a huge percentage of millennials to cease areas in their lives like dating and finding the perfect place to stay and be independent.


Experts have thoroughly addressed these concerns through the following:


Take those baby steps. Turning down your parents or significant other or making that life-changing decision is not easy. Through practice and frequent re-assurance of oneself, you would be able to find confidence in taking that step further or politely declining or disagreeing with someone, especially with your superiors. It is a way of asserting your emotions and making your points valid.



Get control. You are the master of yourself. You own your positivity and negativity. Obtaining a better understanding of your negative thoughts will help you advance from your anxieties and gain command and mastery of your thoughts and feelings.